Transcending War & Violence thru Unconditional, Pure LOVE

 so we all can live in Harmony, Peace, Love and Unity as 
One Cosmic Family here on Earth (our Cosmic Garden of Eden)!

Spiritual Journal entry: Sunday 15TH of August, 2021

“The Taliban have pretty much taken over Afghanistan as the president has flown out.

Seeing the fighting, killings, sufferings, violence, misery, pain and hopelessness broke my heart into a thousand million pieces… I cried uncontrollably for 20-30 minutes in my meditation session asking the One Source Creator “why” “why” “why”… x 10 - 20+

I asked until when must all those wars go on… why? Have you not had enough… I shouted the name of BABAJI that rippled across the Cosmos like a billion Earthquakes and thunder asking “why”…

In a similar fashion I uttered the names of Buddha, Yoganandaji, Christ, Sadhguru, Krishna, Mohammed, Lahiri, Sri Yukteswar and Boganathar and Agastyar as well as the 18 Siddhas… I expressed great anger, love, remorse, curiosity as to how long till all of this fighting and wars will be over.

I asked the Almighty and BABAJI why He allowed such events to take place… At the same time I expressed understanding that perhaps such extreme events may be planned and guided by the Source for the awakening of humanity…. I wanted to know why and till when must these sufferings of my fellow Soul brothers and sisters go on….

At no point did I express no hate or blame towards the Taliban but simply loved them and prayed that they realise that the people they kill and hurt are not separate from them - whether they are Pashtun, Hazara, Tajik or Ozbek - they are all different aspects of themselves (meaning we are all one just expressed in different shapes, colours and forms, names, race, religions etc). I prayed that they realise that they do not hurt anyone but themselves since they are them.

I visualised my body enlarged to the size of the Cosmos and Mother Earth in the palm of my hand holding it in place while shoving peace, love, unity, harmony and divine will.

I apologised to Mother Earth that all these sufferings, wars and killings were happening here and asked to forgive us.

I also expressed deep-tearful gratitude for being a beacon of Light & an instrument for Divine Love, Peace, Unity and Harmony to Descend onto Earth.

I held a statue of Lord Buddha (the incarnated personification of the Oneness of Everything) with a heart-shaped dark-red and pinkish stone in the palm of my hand and would press them with great force during my meditation (as means of releasing my anger and wrath); especially at the beginning when my anger and resolve was strong as the might of the Universe.

Royal Anwar - incarnated personification of Transcendence“
End of journal entry.
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Disclaimer: this website is not affiliated with nor supporting any political or religious groups. We will mainly use Afghanistan as the primary example since we were born there and know the war from first-hand experience. By we, we are referring to the entity known as Royal Anwar who is the Eternal Servant of hUmaNITY and an instrument thru whom some Transcended Masters / Siddhas / God / the Universe helps fellow Souls who are incarnated here on Earth. Our ultimate mission is to Empower Every Human to Transcend Themselves, as well as our other sources are dedicated to this mission and in promoting the fundamental truth of the Oneness of the Cosmos and hUmaNITY's quintessential place in it - not separate from the rest of the Universe / Mother Earth regardless of which country one is incarnated in, what religion or faith they believe in or their colour, shape or form...

We see hUmaNITY as ONE Cosmic Family comprising of our fellow Extraterrestrial brothers and sisters from One Source Creator. There are no "aliens" in the Cosmos since we are all in the Cosmic Body of The Supreme Being - literally within the Mind of God - playing our unique roles and characters in this Cosmic Melodrama known as "life" by hUmaNITY. 

We understand that our  philosophy and dimensionless view point may come as paradoxical, unorthodox, radical, strange.... we want you to understand that this is by design and encourage you to do your own contemplation in your meditation sessions, especially a scientific Guru-given meditation technique such as Babaji's Kriya Yoga which is accessible mainly thru Paramahansa Yogananda's Self Realization Fellowship organisation 

To your sustained success and prosperity.
Always with gratitude for eternity,
Royal Anwar - incarnated personification of Transcendence
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